Aviva Lazar : ColdFusion Programmer
Possessing excellent problem solving & analytical abilities, I dream in code.

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Aviva Lazar

over 15 years programming experience 604.669.9110
based in Vancouver, Canada

available globally

I create dynamic ColdFusion web sites.

My projects include (and are not limited to): creating and designing content management systems (CMS), inventory control, point-of-sales, billing, accounting applications, time-management, invoicing, customizable surveys, shopping carts, back-end administration areas, dynamic forms, photo galleries, guest books, streaming video, project tracking and so on. I can incorporate the code into a design template you found online or work with your web designer.

What is ColdFusion?

  • Not to be mixed up with cold fusion - a sustained nuclear fusion reaction.
  • ColdFusion is a commercial, enterprise level, application server product from Adobe.
  • ColdFusion is designed to be a rapid application development platform for web applications. It means that your web site is running on a commercial platform which can be easily scaled as your visitor numbers increase. As a rapid application development language, development time is kept to a minimum, keeping your costs and time scales down.
  • ColdFusion is a server-side scripting engine. It allows the web site to access data from a database and display it on the screen in appropriate HTML format.
  • ColdFusion was launched in 1995. Since then there have been eight major releases - that equates to a new version being released every two years. ColdFusion was purchased by Adobe from Macromedia in 2007 and is used by approximately 75% of the Fortune 100 companies.

Will it cost me more?

Adobe ColdFusion is a commercial product, but your hosting company has a license, so you won't need to purchase one yourself, unless you are hosting your site from your own web server.

What is a dynamic web site?

Dynamic refers to web content that changes. And you are the one that changes it! When ever you want, and as often as you want from any computer with internet access. Although it initially costs more, you save in the long run. Great for real estate agents, shopping carts, events listings, message boards, etc...

For access to your dynamic content I create a password-protected CMS (content management system) designed specifically for your web site's needs. It's very simple to use. I'll explain the workings of it when you call me to discuss your site.

Who uses ColdFusion?